What Are ORM AND SEO? How Are They Connected?

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What Are ORM AND SEO? How Are They Connected?

You’re working day in and out for your business to run smoothly and make all the necessary efforts to meet your customers’ needs. But all of a sudden, all your efforts were in vain because of the one negative comment that popped up on your website, and you didn’t pay attention to it.

social media manager
social media manager

That’s what you need online reputation management for. It plays its part in increasing your visibility and reach while keeping your online presence positive. ORM uses different techniques, and that’s where SEO pitches in. Does this make you curious? Don’t worry!

Here, we’re going to tell you all about the importance of ORM and how it is connected to SEO. So, let’s dive into it!

social media manager
Social media manager

What do you mean by Online Reputation Management (ORM)? 

Online Reputation Management works to improve a brand’s online presence by keeping its ranking, rating, clients’ feedback, and mentions of brands on social media. It responds to all the negative mentions that might risk your brand’s reputation.


Here’s why it’s high time for you to enable ORM:

  • It maintains your brand image even if a negative comment has been made about it
  • Customers prefer buying from trustworthy brands, and therefore, all the bad comments need to be addressed on time
  • You’re likely to attract more customers after enabling ORM, thus, generating more sales
  • Increase in the positive feedback would improve your search engine ranking
  • Your brand’s positive online presence would affect it offline too

social media manager

What is SEO? 

Customers would be greatly influenced by what the reviews and comments say about you. About 90% of customers will read about other customers’ experiences with you before visiting your website themselves. The reason you need to track the activity on your website continuously.

Online Reputation Management works to keep up your positive reputation and feedback, but there’s no guarantee it will be visible to your potential buyers. That’s when ORM requires Search Engine Optimization. 

SEO works for the better visibility of all the necessary information of your brand to search engine users by which you’ll garner attention. And therefore, combining ORM and SEO is essential to drive potential customers and generate more business for your company.


How SEO and ORM Work Together and their Benefits 

  • ORM uses SEO to optimize pages of your website to appear on the top
  • They influence search engines to push down all the bad reviews and focus the customer’s attention only on the positive ones
  • It helps your brand to target the audience you wouldn’t have reached otherwise
  • ORM and SEO work simultaneously to boost your business’ credibility, making it easy for the customer to trust your company.

In the End 

Understanding the importance of online reputation management and SEO is the key to growing your business. One bad comment can wreak havoc on your dedication and tireless work. Our lives revolve around social media now, so to guarantee your company’s success, it’s essential to check your online presence at all times, and that’s exactly what ORM and SEO save you the trouble of.

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